A new beginning

I was born the 18th of November 1985 but reborn in 2012! 2012 has in every way been the most life changing year of my life. It was the year I took charge of my own life. The first year I started medication free in seven years. I launched this website, found paleo and ultimately found my purpose of life – ME!

I have come a long way but I have the rest of my life to go. My very first step and point of no return, was the day I took charge of my own long term medical condition – hyperprolactinemia. The day I decided to do what I do and always have done best – to question everything. Questioning, searching and solving have always been my strengths. I have never just accepted a superficial answer and always had an urge to know the whole truth.

2012 was the year I finally looked back in order to look forward. Found out who I was, who I am and who I want to be. In everybody’s childhood lies the key to their future. It’s those natural talents that show only at an early age and vanishes when the reality of adulthood presents itself. It’s when we forget what we used to be good at we question why we’re not good at anything.

I never questioned hyperprolactinemia. Never cared to know more and kept quiet about it to avoid answering questions I didn’t know the answers to. Health had never been a concern of mine and to suddenly have a ‘condition’ was too strange for me to relate to. It was not normal, I was a teenager and I just wanted to blend in. Growing up scared me and time was moving way too fast for me to keep up.

I have grown and I’m no longer that timid girl anymore. I have travelled, studied, met many people, learned, practiced, failed and learned some more. I grew up with a medical condition. I was a child at mind when I was diagnosed and I was an adult at mind when I realized it. It’s finally time to combine my childhood strengths with my later learned skills and enter a new chapter of my life. I’ve done questioning and searching – solving is up.

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