Bodies in revolt

Blood transport nutrients just like real rivers.Imagine a river flowing with the purest water, filled with nutrients giving life to the riverbanks and landscape beyond. The river moves through dense forest, open fields, high mountains and low valleys – all with their own specific animal life and vegetation. The vegetation and animal life regulates naturally according to the environment and nutrients made available by the river. If the water is disrupted in some way upstream everything downstream changes and will either die or adapt.

Now imagine this river is a blood vessel carrying nutrients, hormones, energy etc. to all cells of the human body. Everything feeds from this river of blood. The system is specifically and ingeniously designed to maintain balance at all cost. To throw this system out of balance requires (just like the real river) a significant and permanent disruption.

What could cause this disruption? The real river might be disrupted by dry season, a rock slide etc. but nature will always find a way to restore balance. The most potent permanent thread is human; people dumping vast, toxins, building dams, changing its course or harvesting beyond needs – basically controlling nature as if it’s doing something wrong.

The real thread of bodily imbalance is also human. We feed our body junk, depriving our blood of nutrients and thus changing everything feeding from it. We think we know better than nature, forgetting that the reason we’re still here is because once we knew how to live in balance with nature. We took what we needed and no more. Now we need more than nature can provide and the source of resources has been visually erased.

We’ve made life a science project. We rely on studies, recent research and fashion trends to dictate our diet, exercise and even thoughts. No wonder our bodies are in revolt. We need to learn how to listen. If our body is out of balance it will tell us – and it does! We display all kind of symptoms. Symptoms so common we give them names thus accepting their existence. Hormone imbalance is not a disease – it’s a symptom. Obesity, migraine and loads more I’m sure, are not diseases – but symptoms of malnutrition.

Hyperprolactinemia is not our body’s way of saying “please I need dopaminergic drugs”. It’s telling us something is wrong – and we must learn how to decipher the signals.

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  1. Funmi said:

    You have a true gift with word. I totally agree and i am so blessed and enlightened by this article.
    I will be sharing with my friends.
    This well scripted article exuding common sense needs to be read.

    Thank for this.

    September 19, 2016

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