Calcium Confuison

Certain vitamins and minerals are related to HyperprolactinemiaWhile I was still taking my medication I focused more on the side effects of my medicine than of Hyperprolactinemia itself. Physically taking medication on a regular basis is a constant reminder of possible side effects. An increased production of prolactin can go on unnoticed while slowly creating chaos. One serious side effect is Osteoporosis caused by decreased levels of estrogen. Yes Osteoporosis is real!

“I’m becoming increasingly interested in what foods to eat to get all of these nutrients all at once.”

When I was diagnosed with Osteopenia (stage before Osteoporosis) in my spine just a few months ago, it came as a surprise. I was sure the test results would come back negative. I had been taking my medication just as the doctors had told me to and they never mentioned Osteoporosis. They weren’t concerned by that until the day I told them I had recently stopped drinking milk. Almost 8 years with Hyperprolactinemia and they never check my bone density. 2 months of not drinking milk and all hell breaks loose.

My doctor told me to start taking calcium supplements (I keep thinking they should have done that, years ago). She wrote down a specific brand and sent me off. What followed was utter calcium confusion. Calcium is apparently a highly debated supplement (why can’t anything in this world be easy?). Calcium comes in different chemical binds e.g.:

Calcium carbonate

Calcium citrate (also branded as organically bound calcium)

Calcium carbonate is the most questioned and believed to possibly do more harm than good; especially if not ingested during a meal. Calcium citrate is said to be better because it is easier absorbed in the body. To make it just a bit more complicated, calcium is only absorbed if other nutrients are present, magnesium being the most profiled. The calcium/magnesium ration is ideally to be 2:1. Don’t worry it doesn’t stop here. Other vitamins and minerals are thought to be of great significance as well: vitamin D3, K1, B and C and the minerals Cobber, manganese, selenium and zinc. I found this information on the package of my current choice of calcium supplement (something called Berry.En). I have also read that potassium is of importance. I’m starting to think it could be of more use to know which vitamins and minerals aren’t important. How have the human race managed to survive and evolve for millions of years without the multi-million dollar industry of supplementation? Great, great mystery…

I just wish to take the most effective supplement to rebuild my bone mass. At my age my bone density should be at its highest, but it is at its lowest. But I don’t think reading all there is to read, will bring me closer to a conclusion. I’m becoming increasingly interested in what foods to eat to get all of these nutrients all at once. Maybe I could focus on different foods instead of making an impossible decision based on dubious and suspicious information, countless internet discussions and a jungle of company marketing strategies.

This must be one of those ‘to be continued’ posts!


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