Changing Hormone Levels through Diet

Life style affects hormones.I’m not really a fan of scientific studies indicating this; or statistics showing a slight tendency of that. But when real people put their minds to doing something and then actually succeed – now that’s my kind of science. Real life science!

An article featured on ‘The Art of Manliness’ is about a guy’s desire to boost his testosterone levels naturally – no medication or other miracle elixirs. I’m all for self-experimenting because to wait for some scientist to do the same on a rat is to wait for nothing.

You might wonder why I refer to an article about boosting Testosterone levels. My focus is not testosterone, but the purpose and the approach and most importantly, the result. It’s about a guy who has testosterone levels equal to an 85 year old man. He increases his hormone levels by changing his diet and lifestyle during a 90 day time frame. He focused mainly on increasing his fat intake through bacon, meat, eggs and nuts.

Overall he tried to make an effort in all aspects of his life, including exercise, meditation, reduction of toxin exposure etc. He succeeded in getting his hormone levels down to normal and even within a relatively short period of time.

I know it’s not an experiment performed in order to cure a disease but merely an effort to normalize hormone levels after a period of bad diet and work stress. But I think the experiment shows just how linked hormones and diet is.

Can food really affect hormone levels? Of course; that’s part of how the body works. Just by merely eating, insulin levels goes up. Different types of food have been shown to even effects certain hormones e.g. chocolate, wine or coffee. After a healthy meal the body sends hormones to the brain to tell it to stop craving food. Hormonal changes happen all the time due to diet, thoughts, external stimuli and activity. So how does a permanent hormonal imbalance occur? It must be due to a permanent change in one of those factors.

“Your body has a remarkable capacity to begin healing itself and much more quickly than people had once realized if you simply stop doing what’s causing the problem.”


Of cause it’s not easy to correct a wrong if you don’t know what’s wrong. But I think the mentioned food experiment proves an important point: hormones are highly and easily affected by diet. So why has diet and Hyperprolactinemia not been investigated more? Or has it? Was the result just not in someone’s best interest?


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