Hyperprolactinemia and constipation

Hyperprolactinemia can cause constipation.It is beyond me why any doctor never told me that high prolactin levels could be causing my severe constipation. For years I was suffering but managed and when I finally asked for help I was ignored. How can professionals not put two and two together?

This study is a case study about a teenager with ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) and a medical history of constipation and stomach ache. She had all possible tests done but no answers. Finally an increased level of prolactin, led the doctors to do an MRI of her brain and found a prolactinoma. The girl was treated with cabergoline and when her prolactin levels returned to normal her ibs was gone.

High prolactin levels have not only been linked to ibs but also celiac disease. This indicates that prolactin is not only a fertility hormone but have strong links to intestine functions as well. Constipation is a symptom linked to hyperprolactinemia but often left out.

When I first heard about the correlation between hyperprolactinemia and constipation I was thrilled. My euphoria didn’t last long though, because it didn’t really change my situation. But it gave me an answer. The reason why I went off my meds in the first place was because I thought it caused my constipation. Why didn’t the doctor tell me that perhaps seven years of increased prolactin levels were messing up my guts?

Well, when incompetent doctors refuse to use their brain you have to do it for them. I went off my meds and started experimenting with food. It was when I found the Paleo diet that I started feeling better. It isn’t curing my hyperprolactinemia but it certainly improves bowel movements.

My advice to anyone with hyperprolactinemia and problems with constipation will be to try the Paleo diet. I know now that grain mess up my insides. And with the knowledge that prolactin is linked to both celiac disease and ibs, that makes perfect sense to me. I’m not advising anyone to stop taking medication. That was just a necessary step for me at the time. It was a decision that also led me to investigate and search for answers. Which ultimately led me here; writing this today!


  1. m said:

    I have suffered from hyperprolatinemia for over 25 years, diagnosed in my late twenties after the loss of a baby, i was given medication that floored me literally. With two young children to care for it was impossible for me to rake it, when i returned to the ‘specialist’ he told me he could not help me if i would not take the tablet he gave me. So i left the hospital and never went back. For twenty years i had no medication, suffered severe constipation stomach cramps that doubled me over, and depression. A Naturopath helped me through the depression, the rest I found eating differently helped, but nothing brought back my menstrual cycle and the doctor I had got very concerned re osteoporosis. When i came back to the UK the Doctor i saw sent me for a scan they found a cluster of cells as the cause for a prolactin level of nearly 10 times the norm. I was started on Cabergoline and within 6 months I felt like a new woman, i could think clearly , was no longer subject to what i called my gremlins, and my menstrual cycle returned. Five years later my levels are creeping up but i think this is due to a complete lifestyle change, and the stress levels I am experiencing from being on my own for the first time in my life. I think it has taken a long time for me to change things and now the changes are showing me what I could have done years ago. So i will say if the medication works then that is good, but if you are brave enough to try a more natural way then I cheer you on. For me I will stay with the medication even though it has some side effects I can live with those over my former cottonwool mind.

    December 4, 2012
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