I will advise you to keep track of your prolactin levels, your medicine dose and possible side effects. Your doctor mainly looks at numbers and treats you accordingly; only you know how you really feel. So when you have a new blood test done, write down all information related to that specific test: prolactin level, medicine dose, how you feel, menstrual cycle (only women!), stress etc. It’s your life and your body, so take responsibility and help your doctor help you.

Download this pd () and plot in your own prolactin levels.

Let food be your medicine

I will also advise you to revise your diet. I will probably never know for sure if food intolerance caused my Hyperprolactinemia, but changing my diet has improved my situation. It has levitated me of several symptoms either caused by food intolerance or from Hyperprolactinemia, but also given me hope that I can do something actively myself. Doctors never allowed me to have a will of my own. When I choose carefully what I eat, I at least do what I can.

I came across the Book The Paleo Diet by Loren Cordain and it has literally changed my life. It made me view food in a completely different way and reset all nonsense I had stored in my brain from reading health magazines, listening to flawed conventional wisdom and diet trends. The book is very well written and guides the reader through the food jungle by using a combination of science of pure logic. This book is a major contribution to why I question Hyperprolactinemia and why I look for a natural cure.

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