Blood test reveals Hyperprolactinemia.Hormones are carried by blood and a simple blood test will unveil hyperprolactinemia. When hyperprolactinemia is determined the cause must be found:

  • Medical history (medication, head trauma, pregnancy etc.)
  • Pituitary tumors are determined with a MR-scan. Very high prolactin levels are usually caused by tumors.
  • An eye examination and a field of view test (a tumor may be putting pressure on the optical nerve).

MRI and Hyperprolactinemia.It is also important to find out if the potential tumor produces other hormones:

  • Your blood will be tested for abnormal levels of e.g. TSH and LH.
  • Cortisol (ACTH) stimulation test/synacthen-test (Addison’s disease, Cushing’s disease)
  • And finally a Glucose tolerance test (acromegaly)

It might sound a bit scary to be diagnosed with a tumor. Prolactinomas can put pressure on the optical nerve.But these tumors are pretty much always benign. The word tumor has a very negative reputation. Don’t get me wrong – hyperprolactinemia must be diagnosed and treated – but you do not have cancer! It’s a relatively common condition but not many know anything about it.