Tanja Tr.Can food cure Hyperprolactinemia? You might want to know who would get such a strange idea. You can read the full story on the page My Story, but I guess a little introduction is in order anyway. My name is Tanja and I was born in 1985 in Denmark. I was raised in the so-called outskirts, though only an hour away from the Capital Copenhagen. Fresh air was for free and the horizon marked by flat crop fields and a blue sky.

I’ve studied architecture and engineering at University. I’ve always been motivated by the act of creating and architecture and engineering both embody that. I never gave much attention to my diagnosis Hyperprolactinemia while studying and I never really thought much about health. My mind was preoccupied elsewhere I guess. I loved studying (mostly because of my fellow students) but I wish I had given my health and Hyperprolactinemia a bit more attention.

You can read how I was diagnosed, treated and finally ditched medication and began this journey of self-experimentation. You are also more than welcome to introduce yourself on the Forum, where you can post questions, ideas, answers etc. of your own choice. Also feel free to comment on my posts. I have so many thoughts about Hyperprolactinemia and I would love to hear what you think. I hope to inspire if not involve others in my project.

I’m simply looking for answers. A cure wouldn’t be so bad either.

Kind regards,

Tanja Tr.