Keto detour

I previously wrote that I wanted to try out the Ketogenic diet and here’s a little update: I have not succeeded (yet). I apologize!

The Ketogenic diet is far from any ‘normal’ diet. Going from maybe around 500 grams of carbs down to 50 is a huge difference. Keto requires total control and knowledge about how to balance nutrition and energy consumption. No lack or overload. Before I decided on Keto I had done the research and experimented to see just what I could eat not to exceed the 50 grams of carbs a day. I was surprised but slowly this way of eating started to make more and more sense. I was ready – or I wanted to be.

I have tried to analyze objectively why I failed, to be able to change those circumstances or thoughts and prepare myself better. I have come to the conclusion that it’s a combination of sugar craving, habit and comfort eating. I don’t have huge sugar cravings but combined with habit or comfort I succumb. It’s in my DNA to snack. It’s what we’re all told we should do every day, several times a day. This combined with a feeling of occasional celebrating or need for comfort I fell into old routine without even noticing.

I had already settled comfortably with my new paleo lifestyle and I thought I was ready. But shortly after I decided to go Keto I moved and got a new job. This changed my daily life and I urged convenience when it came to food. One thing led to another and suddenly I wasn’t even paleo anymore. I also neglected this blog because it was a reminder of how much I was actually failing. It was a vicious circle.

But it’s not all bad. I have learned more about my own irrational way of eating and have been forced to face my own daemons. This little detour towards Keto showed me where I was coming from – a place I had tried to ignore, forget, erase. But now I know that when moving towards something it’s important to know where you are coming from, otherwise you will only end up going in circles. I am very close to going Keto but I will not force it. I will not make the same mistakes again. It’s too important!

I hope to be able to put my own vanity aside and share both success as well as failure with you.


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    July 20, 2014
  2. said:

    You look great! I just started keto aoslmt three weeks ago and am already feeling/seeing the results. Not only did you slim down but your skin also looks amazing! Thanks for the inspiration

    July 24, 2014

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