The Living Matrix

I saw this movie for the first time almost a year ago. I had almost forgotten about it, but it was what got me interested in finding out if there could be other ways to treat hyperprolactinemia.

“1/3 of all healings (…) have to do with the placebo effect.”

Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D

I’ve seen enough evidence to suggest that Hyperprolactinemia might be cured in alternative ways. The movie The Living Matrix is about the healing powers of thought. I have seen Hyperprolactinemia linked to stress and even childhood trauma, indicating that thoughts have a role to play. We all know how thoughts intervene in all parts of our everyday life when making decisions during the day. If a thought can alter a decision made in our mind, then why can’t a thought alter a chemical signaling in our body, initiating a hormonal imbalance?

“If you think you have an incurable disease (…) you are right. If you think your problem is curable then you are also right.”

Dr. H. Koning, MD (The Living Matrix)

I’m not sure thoughts will cure Hyperprolactinemia alone, but it’s a start. If we think that there’s no other way, we eliminate the possibility of ever finding out. If we let our self believe or just hope that there might be other ways, then we open a door to the unknown; an unexplored unknown that I just can’t deny the existence of.

 “I was sent for a brain scan and they diagnosed a prolactinoma. I had my routine bloodtest (…) and to my surprise my hormone levels where completely normal. When my doctor saw them he (…) said this can only mean one thing – your tumor is gone.”

Ariella Essex (The Living Matrix)

In the little trailer from the movie (about halfway in) there is a woman talking about how she was cured from Hyperprolactinemia. The prolactinoma had vanished after doing Emotional Release Therapy. I can’t verify the reliability of the statement, but I find it to be quite a coincidence. And frankly I have come to a point where trusting doctors seems like just as much of a gamble.

The movie might not contain the cure for Hyperprolactinemia, but I think it conveys an important message. We need to put our body in a healing state of mind before benefitting optimally from any treatment. Are you sending your body the right signals, if you merely (as I did) mindlessly open your pill bottle a few times a week and don’t think more about it? Are you telling your body what you want it to do?

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  1. kelly said:

    Thank you very much Tanjar for this wondaful info.I ve hyperprolactinomia for many yrs and ve bn taking drugs but sometimes it reduces n comes again.I now believe that my positive thoughts towards it will be a solution to it.

    June 10, 2013
    • said:

      thanks for posting this, siu wah… this is vince, by the way, ah leung’s frined.:Dyou’ve got an email i can reach you at? I had completed a book translation that i hope you could have a look and maybe proof-read for me… the book’s called “The Society of the Spectacle.”my email is thee.spectacles@gmail.comthanks.Vince

      July 19, 2014
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      July 23, 2014

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