My Motivation

Hyperprolactinemia is related to lifestyle!1. Why this website?

2. Why search for a ’cure’?

3. Why this urge to talk about a ‘condition’?

4. Am I crazy, irrational?

5. Am I wrong or right?

I have these thoughts every single day. I have an answer to all of them but I still have to remind myself every morning. But I thought you might want to know where my motivation is coming from.

I’ll start with the latter:

5. I’m right! There is a cure for Hyperprolactinemia that doesn’t’ involve medication. I know this because I’ve almost done it once before. I travelled to Africa and when I returned 3 months later my prolactin levels had practically halved. Back home my levels returned back to ‘normal’. In Africa my diet was completely different and I lost a lot of weight. This is where my ideas about Paleo and Ketosis origin.

4. I’m crazy! But I think it’s necessary to be a bit weird to start self-experimenting. You have to be a bit odd to ditch medication and disregard every doctor’s advice. But when I changed my diet to Paleo I came back to life and going Paleo required a complete ignorance of every conventional dietary advice. Maybe it’s time to view Hyperprolactinemia from the view of a layman. Ignore conventional wisdom and try something new.

3. Because I never talked about it before! I need to talk about Hyperprolactinemia. It has bottled up inside me for years and now it all want to come out. Talking to others with Hyperprolactinemia sparks a light inside of me. I find it very useful to talk about my condition but what I’ve needed the most have been kindred souls.

2. Because so far no cure exists! – only a hope that the medication might work. What other condition implements such vague promises? The experts are stuck in old ways and no longer make any progress. The only hope is to take matters into own hands and go in a different direction – or many other directions.

1. Because we need a place to meet! First of all this website was my cry for help. I felt utterly stranded on an Island with a distant hope of finding other survivors – speaking metaphorically. I don’t have Hyperprolactinemia tattooed on my forehead, so a somewhat anonymous online forum is my ideal outlet.

I don’t have a cure for Hyperprolactinemia – only a personal desire to find it!

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