It’s of cause easier said than done, but I intent to cure myself from Hyperprolactinemia – without drugs! I’ve never heard the doctors talk about anything else but drugs, drugs, drugs. But I gave drugs 7 years of my life and I still have Hyperprolactinemia.

A plan is forming in my head and it implies my own body. I will dedicate my body and time in search of a natural cure. No chemicals, fancy words or complicated explanations. I will explore pure logic and common sense. To me ‘I don’t know’ is a much more satisfying answer than ‘just because’.

I’m ready to try anything that falls into the category ‘natural’. I’ve ditched medication in order to start my own experiment. The doctors have filled me with chemicals for years so the damage has already been done. My body was in revolt all this time screaming for my attention. I had way too high prolactin levels, down spiraling estrogen levels and a consumption of ever more dopamine antagonist – all with their own specific side effects leaving me in a mental daze and physical pain. It was a vicious circle of hopelessness and a feeling of being imprisoned by medication.