Trying to cure a disease without medication… Where to begin?

My strategy takes its starting point in a life style change that led to my lowest prolactin level ever. In the summer of 2011 I participated in a 3 months volunteer project in Ghana, Africa. When I left my prolactin levels where 2440mIU/L but when I returned home they were 1550mIU/L – my lowest ever. My lifestyle had been turned upside down while in Africa.

I don’t know exactly what made my prolactin levels spiral down while in Africa, but I’ve considered the following:

  • No milk
  • Fewer calories (I lost 7kg/15lbs)
  • More good fat
  • Eggs (I had one egg every day)
  • Physically hard work (we built schools)
  • Fresh vegetables and fruit
  • No sweets (=no processed sugar)
  • No stress
  • Sun exposure (D-vitamin)
  • Sleep (Bedtime no later than 9 pm. Up at about 7 am)
  • Water – and sweating (It was hot and I was physically active)

One of those, a combination or something I’ve forgotten or neglected cures Hyperprolactinemia!

On the negative side I was on constant antibiotics due to the risk of malaria. Also I had just prior to my trip gone through a series of vaccinations. Plus I was still taking Dostinex. But nevertheless my prolactin levels dropped significantly and I believe food and lifestyle is the key. It’s worth trying out anyway, right?