Update Aug. 2012

Test results

Still off my meds but prolactin levels slowly rising. I have been eating according to the principles of The Paleo Diet. I have a problem with sugar though, especially my bellowed Coca Cola. I eat a lot of sweet fruits to satisfy my sugar cravings.

The Paleo Diet

I have bought this book called The Pale Diet by Loren Cordain and seriously I have devoured it completely. I have never understood food in this way ever. Why didn’t they teach you this in school? Food is actually important!

The book explains what our ancestors ate and why it’s important that we continue to eat this way. Primarily all processed food is miles away from what we have evolved on. The word evolve is key. It doesn’t matter that we can live and survive on grain and sugar, it matters whether we evolve or not. If our ancestors had eaten what we eat today, we would not be here.

I like when things make sense – especially on a larger scale. This book basically says that what I have been eating for 26 years will make me sick. And surprise surprise – my hormones are messed up. It’s like this book just says ‘I told you so!’ I will definitely give this diet a go and do some more research on the matter. Before reading this book I was actually considering becoming a vegetarian but the idea about eating according to human evolution seams quite logical.

Poor sleep

I have had only one problem since starting eating this way. I have to pee 24/7. It’s affecting my everyday life and I’m unable to sleep because I have to pee all through the night. The thing is I don’t have to pee, I just feel the urge. Other than that I feel absolutely amazing. I’ll rather sit on the toilet all day feeling great, than lie in bed feeling awful.

New wonder drug – docs just don’t give up

My doctor convinced me to try a different drug. I have only been on Cabergolin (both Dostinex and Cabergolin) and now she wants me to try Quinagolide. Apparently it’s some new magical formula which has shown really great results in Sweden. I walked out the doctor’s office with a so called Norprolac starting kid. Later that sunny day I changed my mind.