Update Okt. 2012

Test Results

My levels have dropped for the first time since going off medication. I’m very pleased but I’m cautious to get too excited.

Tumors and Ketosis

I have been trying to enter a state of Ketosis because I’ve read that ketosis is used to treat brain tumors and also epilepsy. Basically ketosis must do something to the brain. Ketosis is achieved when your body is fuelled by fat and protein instead of carbohydrates. Unfortunately I have not been able to follow through with ketosis. It has turned out to be a bit more difficult than I thought. But it has made me more aware of calories. I now know that I’ve been eating way too many very sweet fruits.

Omega 3

I should probably not be allowed to use the internet because it gives me too many weird ideas. But I’ve come across something called the Budwig Diet. It has turned my focus towards the importance of Omega 3 and its importance in many (all?) brain functions. The diet implements flax seed oil, grounded flax seeds and cottage cheese. I’ve been having this for breakfast every day.

Sleeping a bit better

I still don’t sleep too well. I simply just have to pee the moment I lie down to sleep. The symptoms correspond to a bladder infection. I think I’ll just try to wait it out because it is getting better.