Update: Results March 7, 2013

My prolactin levels, March 7, 2013My prolactin levels have gone down from 2780mIU/L to 2490mIU/L. To me this is great news, even better than I dared to hope. Unfortunately to the doctor I saw it’s NOTHING. And I’m actually quoting her exact words “It means nothing. Those two numbers are the same”. She says the way they measure prolactin is not accurate. So did my prolactin levels drop or not? My doctor is pretty sure they havn’t. She wants to see a level below 2000 before she’ll even begin to consider it to be a significant change.

I’m still convinced diet has an influence on hormone levels. Well actually I don’t understand why the doctors are so dismissive. That medical school must really have brain washed them all. I view my test results from a completely different point of view than medical professionals. To me going from 2780 to 2490 means that what I’m doing is working. And I haven’t even accomplished what I really wanted to do. I’ve wanted to try to stay in ketosis for a longer period of time due to its positive effect on brain function. I also wanted to limit sweets and cut all grains. But I’ve failed at all. But maybe this is a time to look at what I have accomplished:

-          I’ve cut all sugar water (sodas, juices etc.)

-          I don’t eat any kind of bread (no gluten)

-          I don’t eat candy (except for >85% chocolate)

My only weakness has been this amazing gluten free carrot cake they make at my local organic bakery. So I’ve failed at what I’ve really wanted to do but overall made progress after all. I don’t know if this could have made any difference, but I’ve limited my use of shampoo, deodorants etc. or have changed to milder brands.

Since I was diagnosed with osteopenia I have also started doing more strength training in the form of crossfit. I’ve always been active (though much more when I was younger) but I’ve mostly done versions of cardio. Strength training is new to me but I want to do anything to strengthen and rebuild my bones. Even though I do not have osteoporosis my doctor painted me a vivid picture of how this condition will affect me in the future: “Your spine will brake just from sitting down and your feet and hands will just fracture.”

She (the doctor I saw) also kind of through me out of the health care system. As she put it “If you don’t want to take medication there’s no reason for your to be here.” I was actually taken aback by this. I was under the impression that they understood my project. But that was a different doctor. But status is that she basically expelled me. I now have to go to my own GP to ask to have a blood test done.

I guess what ultimately ended negotiations is the fact that I refuse to take medication – any medication. I think the new doctor kind of got why I don’t want to take medication to treat my Hyperprolactinemia. Instead she wanted me to take estrogen. My estrogen levels have dropped significantly over the past two years.

When I first entered the doctor’s office, sat down and saw my new test results on the doctors computer screen, I was actually thrilled. A decrease of almost 300mIU/L. But of cause this news had to be delivered by the one doctor who knows how to pull life out of the living. I could choose to just give up and surrender to man-made chemistry. Just accept that my body doesn’t work properly and that I have no power over the wellbeing of my own body. But I have experienced nothing but failure while being a captive of the medical world. Maybe my eviction from this institution is the best that could have happened. I’ve read too much about nutrition to just forget about it. I know in my heart that what I’m doing will work. The doctor saw nothing but I see hope. This is definitely a to be CONTINUED!


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