What can YOU do?

Do what you CAN do!I’m tempted to say: “Something. It’s better than nothing”.

Ask any doctor and he/she will say that there is nothing you can do. It’s what my doctor said, says and will say. It’s also the most demotivating and disrespectful response any medical professional can give a patient. It’s depowering and a complete disregard of people’s ability to take care of oneself. It’s of cause good for business to make people believe that there is nothing they can do. Ultimately it says more about the lack of research (the right kind) and knowledge surrounding Hyperprolactinemia, then of the opposite. When your doctor tells you there is nothing you can do, what’s really being said is “I don’t know what you can do”.

I have taken several actions to improve my own situation. I still haven’t located ‘the cure’ but one small step at a time. Below is a list of what I can safely recommend to everybody with Hyperprolactinemia:

Trace your prolactin levels and medicine dose.

(This will not only help you, but also your doctor. Most doctors only look at the most recent levels not getting a full perspective. You might notice a correspondence (or lack of) between prolactin levels and medicine dose)

Take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing.

(Do not rely on others (especially medical professionals) to ‘fix’ you. Only you can do this. Seek advice, help and diagnosis but remain a skeptic and logical viewpoint. Everyone will do their best to help you, but the most qualified help you can receive comes from you.)

Eat food and eat responsibly.

(I could have written ‘eat healthy’ but that’s relative these days. With food I mean vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds and fruit – a.k.a. Paleo! Eat responsibly means eat organic. Don’t stress your body further by ingesting hormone and pesticide laden foods.)

These steps represent what I have found to be extremely helpful. I’m certain the cure lies somewhere in nature, but nature is vast and it may take some time to locate it. It feels much more ‘right’ than taking drugs. I have a sense of direction. To me medication has come to represent the unknown and loss of control.


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