What is healthy food?

What a weird question. Right! Who doesn’t know what healthy food is? Healthy food is of cause vegetables, whole grains, fruit and berries, but not too much fruit because of the sugar content. And low glycemic – that’s a given. It’s also organic, free range, grass fed and wild caught. Fish and chicken is healthy but not red meat. Nuts and seeds in moderation. Lots of low-fat dairy and one egg white a day. It’s low in salt and processed sugar. High in protein preferably from beans and fiber from grains and plenty of water. It includes coffee, tea, one glass of wine and a single piece of dark chocolate a day. Sugar is banned but allowed replaced by chemical sweeteners. It’s definitely not fast food or junk food. Oh and i almost forgot. It’s of cause low in calories. And last but not least, it is vegan, Raw, Paleo, Mediterranean, Atkins, South beach and so on, including all diets in between plus the conflicting guidelines of all diets combined.

So what’s the fuss about? If we just follow this very clear contradicting, unnatural, and completely confusing dietary advice we’ll be just fine.

One advice I’ll consistently share, is to never read health magazines. Few health magazines have any and most have no apparent direction. They will be saying the above all mixed together. There will always be contradictions in health magazines because they rarely represent a side, a stand, a certain direction but continue to point in all. It’s where you’ll find the ultra-shortened and condensed extracts from random studies. Magazines represent what’s IN. Not the truth or anything that might confuse the reader. They are a soup of short summaries of research showing that some mice died earlier than others while eating crap or shit.

In hopes of not creating more confusion i will offer you my opinion on what healthy food is. It’s quite short but kind of says it all. So here it goes:

Healthy food is unprocessed…

That’s it. Just unprocessed – In every possible meaning of the word. It’s not pre-processed or post-processed, powderized, pasteurized, homogenized, chemically separated, sieved, dyed, gene modified, caged, confined and disrespected in any other unnatural way. But basically you can eat everything in any quality you like as long as rule #1 applies.

Now this doesn’t mean you can’t prepare and cook your food. It just means you should prepare and cook real, whole and unprocessed food. You can choose to believe that being healthy requires a doctor’s degree but i beg to differ. Basically i think the complete opposite applies. Science is complicated. So when you apply science to anything, it too will become complicated. Take the science out of food and it will become simple again.

Preceding represents my present stance on healthy food. Who knows maybe I’ll believe in a different poorly documented truth tomorrow?


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