Where do I find info?

I thought you might like to know where to find more information about Hyperprolactinemia. My webpage is not an encyclopedia (yet), but I hope with time I’ll get close (closer)!

First of all I’m my own best source of information. I know about the different medications because I’ve tried a few. I know the symptoms because I experience them myself (not all though). I know about side effects and psychological challenges because it takes up space in my everyday life.

But I’m curious and after seven years I must admit I’ve lost some respect and trust in doctors and so-called experts. I’ve become much more critical and objective when I read random information on a website or even scientific research for that matter. But here are some websites offering basic and (in my opinion) trustworthy information:

The Pituitary Society

The Pituitary Foundation

I often look for published research on:

The National Center for Biotechnology Information

Those are just a few of the sites I visit to find information. So if you are up for it, go ahead and do some ‘light’ bedtime reading.

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